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Do you need additional support to get vaccinated? -  Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) support people who need help to get vaccinated. Find out more about this service here  
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Important information about COVID-19 vaccines: The vaccine type that you will receive is determined by your age and health advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), and other operational reasons. View the latest official guidance and FAQ's.

The Department of Health (‘the department’) is collecting your personal and health information to complete your registration in the Victorian COVID-19 Vaccination Management Solution (CVMS), create a record of your vaccination(s) and obtain your feedback after your vaccination.

If you choose to register with CVMS, the department will use your information to book your COVID-19 vaccination, provide you with a reminder about your bookings, provide you with a reminder about when your next dose of COVID-19 vaccination is due, and send you a survey in which you can record your post COVID-19 vaccination outcomes.

If you do not provide complete information in the registration process or in response to the survey, we may not be able to assess your suitability for the vaccine and/or identify any adverse reactions. This may pose a risk to your health.

The department will provide access to CVMS to registered vaccination providers (i.e. health care workers who are providing COVID-19 vaccinations) so that they can record details of your vaccination in your CVMS record, and provide you with healthcare and vaccination services. The department will also permit call centre staff to access your personal information in CVMS to respond to requests for assistance from vaccination providers or you. 

The department will use the CVMS database, including your information, to facilitate your COVID-19 vaccination, manage the COVID-19 vaccination process in Victoria including analysis of data collected, monitor use of the CVMS database, perform required system maintenance and any other uses or disclosures authorised or required by law. Your health service provider may also use your information to manage your health.

The department will disclose your personal and health information that is specific to your COVID-19 vaccination to:

  • the Australian Immunisation Register held by the Commonwealth Department of Health (which may be viewed on your My Health Record, subject to your settings); and
  • SAEFVIC (identifiable information) and AusVaxSafety (de-identified information only) in the event that you have an adverse reaction, so that the safety of vaccines can be monitored.

You can apply for access to information the department holds about you by making a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. For more information on how to make an FOI request, you can visit the department website via If your enquiry relates to the COVID-19 vaccination, please call the Victorian Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.

For information on the department's Privacy policy, please visit